Subliminal Affirmation for Thursday: Accept The Good Things

I allow myself to accept all the good things that I am attracting into my life.

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accepting good thi…

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For Best Results: Listen to the recording while saying the above affirmation to yourself and visualizing the outcome you desire.

Below are the affirmations that exist on this recording.

  • I allow myself to accept all the good things that I am attracting into my life.
  • You allow yourself to relax and accept all the good things that you are attracting into your life.
  • Other people notice that you allow yourself to relax and accept all the good things that you are attracting into your life.
  • Successful people, like you, allow themselves to relax and accept all the good things that they are attracting into their lives.

Wishing you the best of success,


How Subliminal Recordings Can Help You Now: You have three levels of mind which work together to create the wonderful person that you are. Your unconscious mind regulates your biological patterns; your conscious minds help you navigate your world, while your subconscious mind directs your behavior based upon the information given it via your conscious mind. Sometimes, though, the information that you wish to integrate into your subconscious mind is filtered through the critical factor of the conscious mind.

When you truly desire to change your behavior on an innate level, you must bypass the critical factor of your conscious mind and implant the new information directly into your subconscious mind.

Subliminal affirmations are recorded outside the threshold of human hearing. Although there are no audible words, your subconscious will hear the affirmation. This process can help you bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind helping you make the changes you truly desire.

The affirmation is repeated 70 times, in various formats, on each recording. Repeating the affirmation numerous times, using a variation of sentence structures, allows the recording to make the deepest possible imprint upon your subconscious mind. These embedded suggestions serve to remove the subconscious blocks to creating these changes in your life.

The recordings are provided in two formats; completely silent (for the convenience of those needing discretion) and with music. You may download the recordings for personal use on your computer or phone. You may also share the recordings on your website or blog as long as you credit Sheilah T. Davis as the original source (that way, people know who to contact if they have questions).


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Please note: It has come to my attention that an internet marketer is offering to allow people to view my original videos if they provide personal information. I learned about this after this company filed a copyright claim with my webhost.


As per the terms of usage, I do allow individuals to freely use my material so long as I receive proper credit.* From this moment forward, I will demand that downloaders not sell, or repackage any facet of my work to sell or trade for objects or data. Downloading my work constitutes an agreement to not file false copyright infringement claims with my web hosts (I am now considering filing a counter claim) .

For many therapists, musicians and artists, it is far to easy too prove when and how our files were created, so demanding a DMCA removal is not a very smart strategy. On a personal note, I will also consider actions which are supported by copyright law against anyone who uses my work to engage in phishing activities as this behavior sheds a bad light on my profession.

Thank you.

*Because these recordings are hypnotic in nature, it is best to give me the proper credit so that listeners can contact a qualified hypnotherapist should they need to discuss their experiences with hypnotic phenomena. This is a protection for anyone who borrows my recordings for their websites, videos, or recordings.

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