Subliminal Affirmation: Unconditional Love

Guided + Subliminal Affirmation Recording

I love myself and others unconditionally.

This affirmation is read verbally once before being sped up and repeated supraliminally 256 additional times in various formats*.

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For Best Results: Listen to the recording while saying the affirmations to yourself and visualizing the outcome you desire.

*The following is the script used on the subliminal recording:

  • I love myself and other people unconditionally.
  • You love yourself and other people unconditionally.
  • Other people respect you because you love yourself and other people unconditionally.
  • Happy people, just like you, love themselves and other people unconditionally.

The theme for February 2013 will be in the realm of love and friendship. 

The theme for March will be creating your own luck and prosperity. 

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