Affirmations for Today: Positive Departures

Theme of the week: Personal Magnetism

Guided + Subliminal Affirmation Recording

These suggestions are only repeated verbally once before being repeated supraliminally ten additional times.

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For Best Results: Listen to the recording while saying the affirmations to yourself and visualizing the outcome you desire.

The following are the self-affirmations that accompany the recording.

  • I always leave a good impression.
  • I walk with a confident posture.
  • My voice resonates with friendliness and joy.
  • People feel friendliness when they shake my hand.
  • I look people in the eyes.
  • I let them know that I enjoy their company.
  • Subliminal Affirmations for Personal Magnetism



    I have been asked to offer a subliminal version of all the affirmations for the week, you may elect to purchase it by clicking it on the above link. Please note that purchasing the recording is not necessary as you will get the same content by downloading the free daily versions.

    Thank you for your suggestions and requests. I apologize for being a little behind on them but appreciate hearing from you. Your emails and letters keep me motivated to continue this blog.

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    How Hypnosis Recordings Can Help You Now: You have three levels of mind which work together to create the wonderful person that you are. Your unconscious mind regulates your biological patterns; your conscious mind helps you navigate your world, while your subconscious mind directs your behavior based upon the information given it via your conscious mind. Sometimes, though, the information that you wish to integrate into your subconscious mind is filtered through the critical factor of the conscious mind. When you truly desire to change your behavior on an innate level, you must bypass the critical factor of your conscious mind and implant the new information directly into your subconscious mind.

    Affirmations are one method of getting information into your subconscious mind. Guided affirmations involve listening to an affirmation repeatedly; this method not only allows the positive suggestion to be heard by your conscious mind but their repetition allows them to make an impact on your subconscious level of mind.


    Supraliminal suggestions are a form of subliminal affirmations that are recorded at high frequencies, outside the threshold of conscious human hearing. Although there are no audible words, your subconscious will still hear the affirmation. This process can help you bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind helping you make the changes you truly desire.

    On the recording I will speak each affirmation one time and then it will repeat subliminally ten more times. Repeating the affirmation numerous times will serve to remove the subconscious blocks to creating these changes in your life.

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