Notice- Some files may not be found


Dear Readers,

On at least two occasions over the past year, several of my vocal and subliminal files have been flagged by a company known as and removed from my hosts\’ servers. is paid to remove files that it believes belongs to its clients. According to its terms of service, it is paid for the removal of a certain number of files per month and it is obvious that it doesn\’t matter whether or not the files removed from servers are actually owned by its clients. claims that my hypnosis files belong to NuclearBlastUSA, an entity known for heavy metal music rather than subliminal or hypnotic recordings. Neither NuclearBlastUSA nor have responsed to my inquiries.

After receiving several DMCA requests from these entities, my host has removed some of my files and is threatening to disable my account if they get one more false request as they must protect their legal standing.  I will file a counter DMCA claim but it will do little good if makes another false claim against me as my account will be suspended.

As a result, the free recordings will be suspended until such time as I can find a new host.    If you have a recommendation for me, I\’d love to know.  If there is a file you want and cannot access it, please write to me and I\’ll find a way to get it to you.

If it bothers you that people who create their own recordings can be harassed in this way, feel free to write to your Senator and Congressperson and tell them about the problems with DMCA abuse, false claims of copyright infringement, and how innocent parties have their work removed without recourse due to mistakes, oversights, or the greed of companies like

Wishing you the best,