Question from a Reader: Do Subliminal Recordings Really Work?


I\’ve read a lot of reports saying that there is no scientific evidence of subliminal messages working for anyone and they say it\’s just a placebo affect as if you believe something then your brain would be fooled as well.  Can you prove to me that these subliminals work and if so how long will it take to see changes.

Sheilah answers:

Thank you for writing, I actually saw a posting from a well known hypnotist recently on this very topic.   The writer cited the fact that there was no proof that subliminals worked nor did he cite proof that they didn\’t work.  Hypnotic recordings can be quite a complicated topic, so feel free to write back if you have further questions.

To be clear, the postings I have on the website and my blog are supraliminals (recorded above the threshold of normal conscious hearing).  They are encoded differently than subliminals (recorded softly beneath the threshold of human hearing).  I tell my clients that they have to hear a subliminal/supraliminal suggestion 70 times to make up for hearing it once via guided hypnosis.  No one knows for sure how many times you need to hear it but research does show that suggestions are most effective if you attend to them consciously (hear them or think about them).

To answer your question, it takes three weeks to change a habit.  So, in my experience, it takes about three weeks to see permanent results, if you follow the process every single day.  Some people see results right away; other people see them later on.  The important thing is that they are consistently attending to the new information in order to make the changes they desire.  This is what is necessary to see results.

Also, many supraliminals and subliminals contain binaural beats or other tones intended to create an altered state of consciousness depending upon the tone.  So, if one were to listen to a recording containing these tones, it will be easier to access the subconscious mind and alter one\’s subconscious thoughts.  Our subconscious mind is what drives our behavior by changing our thoughts on a subconscious level we change our behavior.

I suggest that my clients listen to the recordings, slip into a relaxed state, and visualize what one wants or read the affirmations to themselves.  It tends to work much faster that way as they are engaging in self-hypnosis at that point.  The key to success is to visualize the outcome you desire.  This can be done with or without hypnosis recordings.

All hypnosis is truly self-hypnosis!  To get results via guided hypnosis with a practitioner – you must open yourself up to that change. You must allow the hypnotist to lead you into that altered state.   No matter what you choose, you are responsible for your results.  The hypnotherapist is simply the facilitator…you are in charge.

Many clients say that they cannot take time to listen to a full blown guided hypnosis CD or they don\’t want other people to know what they are playing due to the subject matter.  I offer supraliminals on my blog so people can listen to them at work without their co-workers knowing what they are hearing.  I do get many emails stating that the people who download my free supraliminals get results.  Last week, I actually had one man visit my office and recite some of the affirmations off of the free charisma download I offer. I did not post the suggestions online.  I don\’t know if this is due to coincidence or a placebo effect. He was happy with his results. That is all that matters.

As far as the placebo effect, research shows that the placebos can be quite effective.  Depending on what the researcher is comparing, the placebo effect can be anywhere from a 25% success rate to a 76% success rate.   I, too, have read that people claim the success of guided hypnosis is due to the placebo effect.  There are people who go so far as to claim that the successes of some medical treatments are due to the placebo effect.

Does it really matter if people get the results they desire?

It seems as though you are asking for concrete scientific proof that subliminal, supraliminal, and/or brainwave entertainment recordings work without creating a placebo effect, I don\’t know what I can give you at this very moment.  I do give most of my work in this arena away for FREE so I can invite you to download a free full-length supraliminal from my blog and write down what comes to mind.  If you\’d like we can match it up to the suggestions I used on the recording.

Of course, you can always write back with questions.

Remember all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, when you see results with any type of hypnosis (guided or otherwise); the credit will rest with YOU, not with the hypnotist or the product.  The key is to believe that you can achieve that which you desire and visualize your success.

Wishing you the best of success,


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